It's what's missing that matters

What’s in Phocus

It’s what’s missing from Phocus that we’re most proud of. With no sugar, sweeteners, calories or carbs you can stop experiencing daily lulls that keep you from being your best and instead make it through the day with a sense of accomplishment.

Natural Tea Caffeine

With caffeine derived from tea, one can of Phocus is equal to an eight ounce cup of coffee.


Phocus is infused with tea’s amino acid, L-theanine. It is specially formulated to boost attention and focus making it our MVP ingredient. 

Sparkling Water

Phocus is lightly carbonated for a truly refreshing taste. 

Take Your Pick

Phocus contains no calories, no sugars, no sodium, and no sweeteners,

as part of its commitment to keeping drinkers fueled and focused

with nothing bad so they can ‘Phocus’ on the good.



Variety Pack

12 Pack $19.99

Blood Orange

12 Pack $19.99


12 Pack $19.99


12 Pack $19.99

Yuzu & Lime

12 Pack $19.99


12 Pack $19.99

Cucumber (OUT OF STOCK)

12 Pack $19.99


12 Pack $19.99