What is Phocus?

Phocus is a first-of-its-kind, naturally caffeinated, premium sparkling water, infused with 75 mg of caffeine derived from green tea. With the added benefit of L-Theanine, Phocus Sparkling Waters deliver an overall better caffeine experience.

Created as a refreshing, natural alternative to sugary, calorie-laden sodas and energy drinks, Phocus sparkling waters are completely free from calories, carbohydrates, sweeteners, and sodium, but provide the same boost as an 8 oz cup of coffee.

What is L-Theanine?

L-Theanine is the amino acid found in green and black tea; in fact, it is one of the most common reasons people drink tea! Studies show that L-theanine has unique properties that can lead to improved alertness and decreased anxiety and when paired with caffeine, it is believed to decrease both the caffeine jitters and crash. The result is a sparkling synergy of hydration and smooth-release, Phocused acuity!

How Much Caffeine is in Phocus?

Every can of Phocus contains a single serving of 75 mg of caffeine, all extracted from green tea, giving you the same boost as an 8 oz cup of coffee.

Is Phocus an Energy Drink?

Phocus is not an energy drink, but simply a caffeinated sparkling water with the same caffeine as an 8oz cup of coffee. And unlike energy drinks, Phocus contains the added benefit of L-Theanine paired with tea extracted caffeine in the ideal ratio to provide a sparkling synergy of hydration and smooth-release, Phocused acuity!

Are there any sweeteners in Phocus?

Phocus is free of sugar, natural or artificial sweeteners, and sodium. Nothing bad so you can Phocus on the good.

Will drinking “Grapefruit Phocus” cause a reaction with any medication?

There is no grapefruit juice or any fruit juice in our products. However, we recommend always consulting a physician regarding concerns with any medications.

Is Phocus water clear or cloudy?

Phocus water is perfectly clear.

Can I purchase Phocus wholesale for my office or my store? What about becoming a distributor?

Please reach out to us at questions@drinkphocus.com for more information on purchasing wholesale or becoming a distributor