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Ready for Summer? Here Are Some Sparkling Caffeinated Cocktails

Ready for Summer? Here Are Some Sparkling Caffeinated Cocktails

July 08, 2019

Sparkling Caffeinated Cocktails


Finally, summer has arrived — and not a moment too soon. After all those cold winter nights and springtime showers, it’s finally time to roll down the windows, slap on some sunscreen, and drink a cool, refreshing can of Phocus caffeinated sparkling water. What could be better?


Well, maybe one thing: as you get ready for your summertime barbecues, concerts, and get-togethers, consider whipping up one of these two caffeinated water cocktails. One of them is an alcoholic mixer, for the drinkers out there. The other is a non-alcoholic mocktail, for those who prefer their hot summer nights without the morning hangover. Either way, these Phocus drinks are sure to cool you off and keep you wide awake for all the fun times to come.


Chill Out With The Phocus Paloma


In Spanish, the word paloma means dove. When you’re talking about drinks, though, paloma means that crisp, mouthwatering cocktail made with tequila and your choice of grapefruit soda. Now, you could always use a sugary drink... but why do that, when you can swap it out for Phocus’ Grapefruit-flavored caffeinated sparkling water?


Here’s how you do it. Start by getting some Blanco tequila, add some grapefruit, then a simple syrup, and top it off with a healthy, grapefruit-flavored portion of Phocus naturally caffeinated sparkling water. Want some garnish? Top it off with a lime wedge, for a nice traditional touch. Bottom’s up!


Get Excited for Summer With the Spicy Melonade


Not into drinking alcohol? No problem. If mocktails are your thing, make your drinking friends jealous by mixing up a Spicy Melonade, using the Yuzu & Lime variety of Phocus naturally caffeinated water.


To prepare this drink, mix together lemon juice, honey, watermelon, cayenne pepper (told you it was spicy!) and a bit of Yuzu & Lime Phocus. This drink will not only quench your thirst, but will keep your mouth happy with that perfect, spicy, bubbly twist.


Cheers to a great summer ahead! Read more on Phocus