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Pool Party: Your Summer Awaits

Pool Party: Your Summer Awaits

July 23, 2019

Time to Plan the Pool Party!


Sun’s out, floaties out, Phocus out. As the springtime rains give way to blazing blue skies, there’s never a better time to sip on a can of caffeinated sparkling water, kick back, and love life. Now that warm weather is pulling all your friends and family out of hibernation, it’s your job to host the perfect social gathering to launch the summer — and hey, what says “summer” better than an epic pool party?


If you want to rock the block, don’t just throw together a pool party on a whim. You’ll need to coordinate some details, invite the right people, and make sure all the pieces are in place so everybody can enjoy the big day.


So here, pop open a can of Phocus caffeinated water, read on, and learn how to put together the best pool party your neighborhood has ever seen.


The Three Ps: Plan, Prepare, and Post Frequently


Seriously, ignore this call at your own risk. Many would-be-party-hosts have fallen and died on the hill of “I’ll wing it,” and while that works when you’re doing something by yourself, or for yourself, such impulsivity becomes impossible when you have eight, fifteen, or thirty-six people swimming in your pool.


If you want to throw a great pool party, plan a date — and stick to it. Invite people a month early, or at least, a few weeks beforehand because summer weekends get crowded fast. Confirm that they’re coming. Post frequently to your friends. Share with them every time you pick up pool supplies — the important stuff like caffeinated sparkling water and/or beer aren’t going to buy themselves! Send them a selfie of you inflating the pool toys, make sure that everyone remembers that the party is coming, and keep the excitement high.


Don’t Forget the Games


When it comes to the big day, you can relax a bit on the planning, and let the spontaneous interactions happen -- those are the best part of the party, anyway. As everyone is floating around and sipping their drinks, though, you will want to put together some party activities to keep the party lively… especially if many of your friends haven’t met each other before.


Games might seem silly, but they’re the key to turning a good party into a great one. Whether it’s volleyball, a water fight, a cannonball contest, or even something like Marco Polo, the dramatic moments and pratfalls will bring everyone together.


Keep People Hydrated


Sun poisoning is no joke. Assuming your pool party is falling on one of the hottest days of the year, sunscreen isn’t going to prevent people from dehydrating, particularly if your friend Joe tends to gulp down a few too many beers.


However, nobody likes being the person drinking a glass of ordinary tap water at a party. Keep things interesting by having a selection of caffeinated water flavors available for everyone to try: from cucumber to blood orange, everyone will find a favorite.


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