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Phocus on the Benefits of Tea

For the perfect combination of hydration and energy, you can’t go wrong with the caffeinated sparkling water offered by Phocus. From the crisp, fruity flavors to the groovy buzz, Phocus will give you the perfect jumpstart to get through the day — and caffeine is a big reason why. 

Unfortunately, caffeine often gets a bad rap. When people guzzle down coffee and energy drinks in a desperate effort to stay awake, their days spiral downward into the law of diminishing returns, wherein every boost is followed by a devastating crash.

Caffeine Isn’t a Bad Thing — Especially When it Comes From Tea


The often-cited “problems” associated with caffeine don’t tend to be caffeine issues, per se, so much as they pertain to having too much of it. Amongst all the negativity, it’s easy to miss the fact that a safe caffeine intake leads to improvements in memory function, mood, and productivity.

When you drink a Phocus, the organic energy provided by the green tea-extracted caffeine, which contains the naturally-occurring amino acid L-theanine, doesn’t hit you in the face with energy: instead, it gently carries you to the top, boosting your brainpower, keeping you alert longer, and never causing a crash. It reduces anxiety, heightens your attentiveness, and increases your dopamine levels. This results in a totally different buzz from the one coffee drinkers are used to, with all the advantages and none of the defects.