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Phocus Mint Julep Recipe

Phocus Mint Julep Recipe

October 25, 2022

Get ready for the Derby with the cocktail recipe that'll spark your energy. This drink is loaded with L-theanine, electrolytes, and more healthy ingredients! It's tasty, easy to make, and perfect for the springtime. Mixed with Mint Phocus, you can turn it into an L-theanine powdered drink or mocktail, it's your choice! This special ingredient can offer benefits that enhance focus and increase your energy without the crash, unlike many other caffeinated beverages.

Mint Phocus has a splash of herbal sweetness that cools, tantalizes, and refreshes your palate. Infused with a boost of natural tea caffeine and the balance of L-theanine, you get the lift you want without the sugar, calories, or jitters. Here are the ingredients you will need:

• 4 oz Mint Phocus
• 2 oz Kentucky Bourbon or use Spiritless NA Kentucky 75 for a cocktail
• 1 oz Simple Syrup• Fresh mint to garnish
• 1/2 cup of ice

1.) Mix all ingredients (not including Mint Phocus) and then shake well.
2.) After stirring, give it a good double strain.
3.) Just before serving, add ice, and Mint Phocus. Topped with garnished mint.

The secret hero behind this delicious recipe is L-theanine! Stay alert and enjoy a day of fun with this tasty Mint Julep cocktail or mocktail. Phocus your life and fuel your health.