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How to Beat that 2pm Slump

How to Beat that 2pm Slump

June 06, 2019

How to Beat that 2pm Slump

Getting up early in the morning is one challenge, but starting your day with a meeting is really pushing the limits. After a few hours have passed, you’re usually feeling focused to power through. You’re making those big strides. Your productivity is surging. Everything’s going good. Time for a lunch break!

After settling back to the work grind, you’re suddenly hit with the dreaded afternoon crash. Your inbox is filling. Your eyes are drooping. Your body is weighed down, and yet there’s still a handful of hours left on your shift. How are you going to push through to the end?

Thankfully, you’ve got Phocus on your side. A crisp, refreshing taste of our caffeinated sparkling water is the perfect solution for the afternoon slump, as it leaves you alert without the jitters or the dreaded crash which accompanies a third cup of coffee. And while Phocus is the perfect boost, there are other techniques you can use to help maximize the hours within your workday.

Get Up and Get Moving

If you work a desk job and spend all your time staring at a screen, there is — without question — one extremely important thing you can do: move. You’re spending hours sitting in the same place, it’s no wonder you’re feeling drained.

Stretching exercises are key. Stand up, shake out your legs, or take brisk stroll outside. Even a walk around the office will get the blood flowing in your system. When you do return to your desk, you’ll feel a lot more alert and energized.

Take a Mental Break

Your body isn’t the only thing that needs to relax. Your mind can’t keep doing the same tasks, hour after hour, without any sort of reprieve. Reminders of your regular life will poke in. The need for socialization will arise. Maybe a new Star Wars trailer just came out. Whatever it is, these distractions will happen.

While a workaholic might resist the urge to rest, you’d do well to realize that short mental breaks — even if it’s just five minutes — will actually make you more productive, not less, since they allow you to return with full focus. So go ahead and catch up on the news, watch that trailer, call a friend or family member and check in. Not only will this prevent you from being distracted when you do go back into the grind, but it might spark some new ideas for your work ahead.

Eat the Right Foods, Not the Wrong Ones

Don’t underestimate the importance of what you put in your body. While your plate might be empty after you stuff yourself with that massive waffle, your stomach will be weighed down considerably and fatigue soon follows.

To avoid that afternoon slump, it’s important to pay attention to what you eat at lunch so as to ensure that you’re having the foods that energize you, not weigh you down. Cut down on the sodas, breads, and other heavy meals. There’s never a better time for a salad or some protein!

Stay Hydrated

Water is what keeps you alive, and it’s also what keeps you awake. No matter what you do or where you go, it’s important to keep drinking water. Proper hydration not only prevents against fatigue, it also keeps most of your body processes functioning smoothly.

However, water doesn’t need to be boring. Regular water is one thing, and coffee is another, but caffeinated sparkling water will keep you buzzed and hydrated with no slump. Stay hydrated with Phocus, and get through the day refreshed!

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