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Get To Know The Phocus Flavors

Get To Know The Phocus Flavors

October 26, 2022

From our zesty Yuzu & Lime, to nostalgic Cola, and classic Blood Orange, our flavors evoke unparalleled taste and benefits. We know you’re probably wondering “How did we craft a functional beverage that provides you with benefits such as mental clarity, enhanced focus, and no crash or jitters, while simultaneously taking your tastebuds through flavortown?” Here’s your answer: Natural caffeine, L-theanine, and a whole lot of PHOCUS.

Our natural ingredients include what we like to call a power combo; a.k.a natural caffeine from tea and L-theanine. You might be asking yourself “But what is L-theeeeanine?” The answer is simple. L-theanine is a naturally occurring amino acid that helps support brain function, mental clarity, and focus for a cognitive boost without the crash. Combined with caffeine from tea, Phocus provides your mind and body with energy that takes the edge off and boosts brain power, along with providing a variety of health benefits. Our tasteful combination of natural caffeine, l-theanine, and purified sparkling water creates a healthy and delicious taste other beverages can’t compete with.

Phocus Flavors

We have 12 mouthwatering flavors that optimize your health and wellness. Our lineup includes: Watermelon, Strawberry Kiwi, Blood Orange, Crisp Apple, Peach, Mixed Berry, Yuzu & Lime, Grapefruit, Mint, Cherry Cola, Root Beer, and Cola. Each flavor comes with its own personality.

Not sure if you’ve met your favorite? Don’t worry, that's what we’re here for! Let’s dive into the Phocus lineup so you can get to know our functional flavors on a tastier level.

Watermelon: Deliciously juicy & ready to be the icon of summer.

A refreshingly subtle splash of summer to pleasantly quench the mightiest of thirsts. Infused with a boost of tea-derived caffeine and the balance of L-theanine, you get the lift you want without the sugar, calories, or crash.

Watermelon’s unique flavor is matched by its flavorful personality. A sweet and sour bestie that brings some seriously chill notes to make your summer one to remember. Watermelon’s cool features made it quite the hit in our latest release, having all the other flavors feeling pretty jealous of its spotlight.

Strawberry Kiwi: Flavor of the season and looking to be your main squeeze.

Strawberry Kiwi brings two flavors together in perfect balance. Its flavorful combination of sweet strawberries and tangy kiwi make your taste buds dance, so you can make the most of your afternoon without the midday slump.

With a bright and fun exterior, Strawberry Kiwi’s personality is exactly what you’d expect it to be. It makes the most out of every day, with a sweet and optimistic outlook on life. Strawberry Kiwi is huge on making memories with friends, but when it comes to the work week SK is a “Type A.” Incredibly passionate and empathetic, Strawberry Kiwi makes everyone feel loved.

Blood Orange: Classic, but always a fan favorite!

Fresh. Juicy. A light, mellow citrus with a subtle tropical tang to refresh. Blood Orange is our take on that classic citrusy boost of energy with REAL ingredients that taste and feel amazing. (Fun fact: it also gives you the perfect cognitive boost, making you feel focused while quenching that mighty thirst.)

Fun and bubbly, Blood Orange has an adventurous side that is ready to take on anything and everything! Considered by us to be the leader of the pack, Blood Orange isn’t afraid to live its life to the fullest. Bold and delicious, Blood Orange is definitely a go-getter.

Crisp Apple: Zesty with a side of your next bestie. 

Tart. Tangy. A juicy apple taste with a burst of fresh-from-the-orchard flavor in every sip. Definitely the teacher’s pet, Crisp Apple is always prepared and ready to take on the day. 

This flavor’s personality is sweet but don’t let it fool you about its sour side. When it comes to group assignments it will always try to outshine others, but deep down it’s looking to be your next favorite.

Peach: The Queen of Sweets.

Succulent, floral, and juicy fruit flavor that tastes like it’s been picked straight off the tree. Peach isn’t like the other flavors, there’s more than meets the eye. Peach’s personality is best described as a sour patch kid. But we’ll just say that those sweet moments undoubtedly make this flavor, FLAVORFUL.

Mixed Berry: Living for the moment!

This delectable flavor is spontaneous and makes the most out of every day. Blackberry and raspberry joined together in fruit-forward harmony. Tasty and tantalizingly - this dynamic flavorful duo is free-spirited and fun.

Chaos definitely arises here and there but who doesn’t love a spark of adventure. Mixed Berry is the one who makes others feel good with cheer and happiness. This bubbly personality is a flavor everyone wants in their top 8, and we’re not talking about Myspace.

Yuzu & Lime: The party animal that never stops partying. 

This crave-tastic flavor will have you coming back for more. Its invigorating blend features a balanced mix of lemon and grapefruit to give you yuzu, packed with a punch of lime. This delicious addition is sure to take your tastebuds for a ride.

Some may say this flavor is wild, but IT’S GOT THE JUICE! It’s the friend that makes the party a party. Without Yuzu & Lime gatherings would consist of group powerpoint presentations in a last ditch effort to feel alive. This flavor throws the parties that everyone wants to be invited to.

Grapefruit: Putting the go-get in go-getters!

Bold, happy, and ambitious wraps up this powerful flavor. Grapefruit is crisp, with a touch of tart citrus making for a perfect poolside afternoon or an early morning pick-me-up. Bursting with energy, Grapefruit is a firm believer that the early bird gets the worm.

Without being overbearing, Grapefruit is infused with goals and positivity infectious to anyone around. Remember how our parents used to always say you are who you hang around? Well lets just say Grapefruit is the influence you’ll crave. This flavor is a clear thinker with a 10 year plan and trust us when we say you’ll wanna be a part of it.

Mint: Giving your tastebuds permission to chill!

This light and delicious blend is infused with our unique blend of l-theanine and natural caffeine. A splash of herbal sweetness that cools, tantalizes and refreshes your palate.

You might think it would be the flavor that sets agendas for vacations, but it’s actually the one chilling out by the spa. This flavor may come off as snooty or arrogant, but that’s only its passion speaking. Once you get to know mint you’ll see how cool and calm it really is. What’s that saying… never judge a book by its cover? The same applies to mint. A chilling exterior with cooling notes on the inside.

Cherry Cola: Classic, modern, and cherry delicious!

Ready for a sweet and familiar tasting sensation? Cherry Cola is more than just the cherry on top. It’s packed with real deal ingredients and FLAVOR. Caramel, vanilla, cinnamon balanced with cherry for a classic combination that takes you back to the movie theater. You won’t get enough of its sweet and tangy combination.

Remember that one friend that can smooth-talk themselves out of any situation? That’s Cherry Cola. Charming and delectable, this flavor is seriously cool. It may make the other flavors jealous, but it’s humble enough to make them feel like they’re just as good. It’s the flavor every flavor wishes it was.

Root Beer: The flavor that knows everyone, and we mean everyone.

The classic taste of creamy root beer with familiar hints of vanilla and sassafras. Packed with l-theanine and natural caffeine for mental clarity that feels as good as it tastes, our root beer gives a better name to this OG flavor.

It’s known as the social butterfly of the group. You can catch root beer at every party and get together. It’s known for having a good time and making the most out of each and every moment. If you’re looking to make some memories, you can count on the Root Beer Phocus to give your taste buds only the best.

Cola: Old school taste, with new school ingredients.

What happens when you pair the classic taste of cola with the healthiest, sparkling functional beverage? You get the nostalgic flavor, but with something more. Caramel, vanilla, and cinnamon notes combine for the familiar cola flavor without the sugar. Unlike the soda you may have grown up sipping on, our cola provides more function than meets the eye. It’s filled with focus-supporting ingredients to keep you on your game.

Phocus’ Cola doesn’t have cute polar-bears, but it does have clean ingredients and a fiercely honest attitude. You know exactly what you’re getting without the secrets. Cola is dependable. That best friend that will always tell it like it is. Cola isn’t afraid to be real and sincere. We can all take notes from such an inspiring flavor.

Did you meet a new favorite? If you already have a go-to we totally get it. All we’re saying is sometimes it’s good to try something different, especially when it’s healthy! Enjoy our flavors with a subscription and save 10% off every order - now what are you waiting for?