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Diet Soda vs Phocus

Most people love soda. Or if they don’t love soda anymore, they’re a diet soda convert.

Soda is such a mainstay in our lives, essentially because it’s high in caffeine. Everyone needs pepping up during the day, and soda provides that pep whether it’s full sugar or diet. Many people get used to regular bumps of caffeine drinking regular soda, and later switch to its diet counterpart knowing that it’s just as caffeinated and supposedly healthier.

As drinks are some of the easiest sources of empty calories to cut, soda is often swapped for diet soda when healthy changes are made. And that’s good, right? Diet soda delivers a kick of flavor, caffeine, and hydration without the calories or sugar of its regular cousin.

Sure, diet soda is probably better than soda, but that’s just because soda is carbonated sugar-water. Maybe there’s a better option?

Imagine a crystal clear caffeinated sparkling water, for example. And what if it came lightly flavored, and infused with all the goodies of tea? Well, that image is a reality. Meet Phocus, a natural, sustainably sourced sparkling water, infused with the caffeine that’s usually wasted when tea is decaffeinated.

Phocus is designed to give you a gentle, hydrating boost. It includes L-theanine, the amino acid found in tea, to boost the effects of the 75 mg of natural caffeine every serving contains. L-theanine ensures an even release of energy, with no jitters or crashes. Compare that to how you feel an hour after your diet soda.

Diet sodas contain artificial sweeteners like aspartame, cyclamate, saccharin, acesulfame-k or sucralose, or maybe a combination of these. While these don’t contain the calories of sugar, they have other negative side effects. There is evidence that sweeteners confuse insulin confusion. This means they can change your blood sugar level drastically. So what’s that post-candy, or post-lunch crash? It’s a quick drop in blood sugar after loading yourself up with something sweet a bit earlier. This isn’t in itself dangerous, unless you count being ratty and unproductive as a danger, but spikes and drops in blood sugar can eventually lead to insulin resistance and even diabetes.

These sweeteners also have repercussions for the brain. They may rewire the parts of your brain that react to sweet things, essentially numbing them. This means that when it comes time to eat, you’re more likely to reach for the sugary doughnut or the fatty pizza slice.

It seems like a lot to gamble just for a hit of caffeine and a delicious fruit flavor.

Generally, doctors advise swapping all soda, standard and diet, with plain coffee or tea for that caffeine replacement. That takes care of those terrible (lack of) caffeine headaches, sure, but a piping hot black coffee is not exactly the same cool, hydrating experience as an ice-cold soda. And once you add steamed milk and flavoring, a coffee can be as sugary and caloric as a full-sugar soda.

So, it’s time to gain some Phocus! This flavored sparkling water with caffeine is the only answer to diet-soda woes. With exciting flavors that include,  Blood Orange, Grapefruit, Yuzu & Lime, Peach, and Cucumber, with a sparkling water base, Phocus scratches that soda itch without any of the negatives. As well as being naturally sourced and full of healthy ingredients and no artificial sweeteners or sugars, all varieties of Phocus are vegan, kosher, non-dairy, non-GMO, and gluten- free.

In short, there’s nothing bad, so you can Phocus on the good.

What are you waiting for? Find your new source of pep. Ditch the diet soda, and start drinking your way towards concentration and health.