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Break Up With Sugar

Break Up With Sugar

July 25, 2022

An Unhealthy Relationship

Everyone has a friend in a less-than-perfect relationship. You know, the friend who’s always complaining about their partner but never does anything about it? And sometimes they’re lovey-dovey, and the friend pretends it’s all fine, but you know what’s really going on…  

You’re in a relationship like that, too.

No! Don’t look at your significant other like that. Or your dog. I’m talking about you and sugar.

You know you shouldn’t have too much. You know it’s bad for you. But you just can’t help yourself… okay, the analogy sort of ends there, but you get where we’re going.

The thing is, sugar is bad for us in some surprising ways, and unfortunately, sugar is a key ingredient in some surprising foods and drinks. Being aware of that is the first step to cutting down on it (or, the first step to breaking up with sugar! You thought we were done, but the analogy is back, baby).

So, what’s so bad about sugar? We all know it leads to weight gain, but Healthline cites a study that links a 60% increase in risks of obesity to  daily consumption of sugary food and drinks. In terms of relationship dealbreakers, that is SO much worse than never putting the toilet seat down, or chewing too loudly.

Other health risks of sugar include a fatty liver, insulin and leptin resistance (leptin is responsible for making you feel full), belly fat accumulation, and even slowed cognitive function and lowered moods. Okay, the last one has definitely also been caused by an ex or two…

There’s also no goodness in many high sugar items, as sugar is very caloric and causes a (short term) energy boost all on its own. That means that if you consume a normal number of calories, but 20% of them are from, say, sugary drinks, then that 20% will be helpful only for short term energy.

Where people tend to get their excess sugar, snacks and drinks are a big culprit. If you’ve known sugar is bad for a while, you’ve probably been working on your relationship with full-sugar sodas already, but how about sugar in hot drinks? Sweet mixers with your booze? How about supposedly ‘healthy’ juices? According to the BBC

  • a glass of orange juice can contain as much sugar as a can of soda
  • sports drinks have up to 8 teaspoons of the bad stuff
  • and even many vitamin waters carry 32 grams of sugar

Ugh! It’s like the bad guy you thought you’d gotten rid of popping up all over town. 

There are other options for snacking and sipping. You don’t have to be lonely and miserable after your breakup! And you don’t have to stick to carrot sticks and tap water, either. Your relationships should be fulfilling, they should bring good into your life. Not just wear your clothes and not wash them afterwards, or eat all the leftovers you were saving for lunch… sorry, am I projecting? Thinking about bad exes again.

Sweetened food and drinks are a good compromise, though there is ongoing research into whether these sort of trick our bodies into thinking we’re having sugar. suggests that some of the negatives of sugar are mimicked in the bodies of people who replace sugar with sweeteners.

One option to deal with the fizzy drink cravings in particular, though, is Phocus. Phocus isn’t soda, but it has all of the functions! Specifically, the natural flavors of blood orange, grapefruit, yuzu & lime, cucumber, or peach. It’s a carbonated water enhanced with caffeine, and amino acids found in tea. Basically, Phocus is your knight in shining armour. You know, in my analogy…

There are lots of ways to help yourself break up with that toxic substance (sugar). Making swaps is a big one though, and Phocus could be… well… the one! 💘