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0% Guilt, 100% Flavor

0% Guilt, 100% Flavor

August 26, 2019

In life, it often feels like all the good things are followed by punishments. If it’s tasty, it’s bad for you. If it wakes you up, it also makes you crash.


However, this seemingly endless circle of disappointment doesn’t extend to the caffeinated sparkling water offered by Phocus: not only does Phocus taste great, and not only does it feel great, it’s also good for you. Phocus lets you hydrate, caffeinate, and enjoy yourself, with zero guilt. There are no calories, no sugar, no sweeteners, and no carbs. It’s vegan, kosher, gluten-free, and non-GMO. It provides the natural energy you need, with none of the downsides of a soda or coffee.


Don’t just take our word for it, though. Check out the ingredients, and their benefits:


Natural Tea

Natural tea is where Phocus gets its caffeine, and each can of caffeinated sparkling water contains 75mg of it.


The reason that Phocus doesn’t make you jittery — or make you crash — is due to L-theanine, the amino acid derived from tea to create that smooth, even release you love. L-theanine is arguably the most important ingredient in the Phocus cocktail, as it’s the key to why Phocus makes you alert without causing that dreaded shakiness.


Is it good for you, though? Don’t be afraid of the laboratory-sounding name. L-theanine is extremely good for brain health. It improves your quality of sleep — take that, coffee! — as well as reducing your blood pressure, helping with weight loss efforts, and boosts the immune system.


So yes, it’s good stuff. As with most things, if pregnant or nursing, please contact your physician before consumption.



Sparkling Water

The primary ingredient of any caffeinated sparkling water is … well, water, of course. What else?


It should go without question that fizzy water contains all the same health benefits as regular water, a substance that your life depends on. That said, the bubbles sometimes throw people off. So, don’t worry, a long drink of sparkling water will hydrate you just as much as a glass of not-bubbly water. Fizzy or not, it’s still nothing but water, and water is good. Why not have a little fun?

No Guilt, Great Taste

These are the prime ingredients of every flavor of Phocus caffeinated sparkling water. Other than these, the only thing you’ll find is citric acid — found naturally in citrus fruits, such as lemons and limes — and natural flavors, so that your blood orange drink tastes like blood orange, and your cucumber tastes like cucumber.


As you can see, everything about these Phocus drinks is carefully formulated to provide the maximum health benefits with the smoothest taste. So yes, you don’t need to feel guilty when you drink Phocus: if anything, you should feel free to drink another!


Try Phocus today.