About Us

The best of nature, made better by science.

The scientific breakthroughs of the modern day have enabled us to develop a way of enriching that most ubiquitous of natural substances – water – with a meticulously balanced blend of tea caffeine, L-theanine and electrolytes.  

We’ve harnessed the best nature has to offer, creating a water that not only offers unparalleled zero-calorie refreshment, but contains a unique blend of natural energy boosters, concentration enhancers and hydrating agents that work in harmony to keep you fueled and focused, whatever the day throws at you.

PHOCUS celebrates everyone’s quest to be their best

It doesn’t matter what your goal is: you could be an elite athlete or a weekend runner, an 18-hour-a-day city trader or an on-the-go media creative, a student preparing for an exam or a parent bracing themselves for the school semester, PHOCUS celebrates the doers and the strivers. 

We don’t believe you need to compromise, scale back your dreams or ease off the gas – you just need enough energy and focus to get to the finish line. We can’t get you there, but we can definitely help you on your way.

We are driven by curiosity...

…and animated by achievement; not just the big stuff – the marathons run, the multi-million dollar deals made or the life ambitions fulfilled – but the everyday achievements that leave you feeling fulfilled – the gym trip or yoga class you fit in at lunch, coming home with enough energy to play with the kids, or staying alert long enough to get your tax return nailed. 

PHOCUS recognizes that there are hundreds of ways to squeeze the most out of the day – we celebrate triumphs of every size.

Nothing bad, so you can PHOCUS on the good

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